Standardized mould Base

Standardized Mould Base Overview

Why Standardization ?


Use of Normalien Standard Mould Base programme will bring tremendous advantage in terms of:

  1. Quality:
    Mass production technique brings further improvement in quality, consistency, better and closer tolerance.
  2. Short delivery time.
    A custom built mould base, the usual delivery time is 15days + Avg 3 days for transportation, means in 18/20 days the ordered mould base is with the mould makers. In case of Phase I, we have planned to deliver the order in 5 days + 1day. NSMB, can be at the mould maker in 6 days which is only 1/3rd time being presently taken. (Average).

To adopt NSMB is to mould makers advantage. Better quality, Quick delivery and economy are all advantages for the customers.

When designing your next and future moulds adopt the Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB) programme and select the Thickness of plates from among the standard size table with choice of bottom plate, support plate, core/cavity plate and selection of rails to achieve your specification.

If customer needs any process to be done on any plate, Normalien, can undertake to carry out such additional jobs like bores, pockets, cavity cooling holes and for which additional are applicable with few days extension in delivery time.

Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB) Sizes

Identification Of Part For Standard Mould Base

Accessories For Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB)

Coding system of Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB)

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