Standardized Mould Base

Standardized Mould Base Overview

Advantages of Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB)


Standard thickness - Please refer Table No.1.

As per your choice - Please refer Table No.2.

Why Standardization:

Normalien, has brought considerable advantages to mould making in our country with advantages in terms of cost, consistency, quality and finish.

We are now taking further steps to solve the problem of delivery by adopting Normalien Standard Mould Base Programme(NSMB).

We expect our customer to benefit greatly by this programme. We have taken up this programme Phase I into production which covers sizes from 196 x 196 to 296 x 696. These 19 sizes will cover the basic sizes of the most popular mould bases.

We intend to keep these NSMB ready and endeavour to deliver the same at a reasonable price within 5 working days. NSMB supplies will consist of :

  1. Machined, Ground and Processed Plates and rails of C 45 steel quality.
  2. 4 Nos Straight Leader Pins.
  3. 4 Nos Locating Guide Bushes.
  4. 4 Nos Locating Rings
  5. Guided Ejection Assembly with return pin.
  6. Stop Pin
  7. Set of required sizes of allen screws, dowel pins, spring washers and screws.

Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB) Sizes

Identification Of Part For Standard Mould Base

Accessories For Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB)

Coding system of Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB)

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