Standardized Mould Base Overview

Why Standardization ?

Advantages of Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB)

Normalien has been manufacturing custom built mould bases for well over 13 years and is serving the mould making industry with precision, quality and timely supplies. Our efficiency and quality has resulted in loyal brand of customers who have assisted Normalien to grow and serve the mould industry.

The mould base industry came up some 70 years ago in Western countries to provide mould makers with off the shelf mould bases, so that the moulds can be completed faster. However, with the growth of the mould industry, and general industrial growth of the western countries, it was slowly realized that to meet the growing need of the mould bases for the enlarged industrial output some form of standardized mould bases have to be developed to meet the mould industries demand faster with quality mould base supplies.

In India, from custom made mould base orders which we are receiving, we observe that some form of standardization has been conceived by individual approach and adopted as a company standard.

Normalien continue to produce custom built mould base orders, but at the same time Normalien has now finalized the plans to produce Normalien Standard Mould Bases (NSMB) in two phases.

Presently, Normalien is introducing Standardized mould bases in 19 different sizes as per separate sheet herewith. (Sizes NSMB 196 x 196 MM to 296 x 696 mm).

In Phase – II,  further 16 sizes will be introduced from (346 x 346 MM) to 396 MM x 896 MM).

In Phase – III, further 10 sizes will be introduced from (446 x 446 MM to ( 496 x 796 MM).

Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB) Sizes

Identification Of Part For Standard Mould Base

Accessories For Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB)

Coding system of Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB)

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