Products SN Product Group

SN Group under system Normalien are containing component parts and various accessories which are also standardized and you can view all these items under the individual pages. This programme covers large range of regularly used parts by mould making industry such as Locating Guide Pillars, Locating Guide Bush, Locating Units flat and round, Ejector Pins, Locating Ring , Lifting Device etc. Each part is available in many sizes and dimension and technical details are available on respective pages. Dimension catalogue and a personal reference copy of the same can be requested on our website. Please use the details and adopt standardized Normalien parts to avoid expensive designing time which can be employed in other beneficial ways.

All SN Group Parts are made of high grade appropriate steel as per international practice. These grades are different for different parts and for each part and depending on service and application, the steel quality is decided. For all these purposes, high grade case hardening steel, ball bearing steel, Hot die Steel, HCHC grade steel, Cold Working steel are used on the basis of service performance required. Most of the parts indicate steel quality and tensile strength resp. hardness. You can see the wide variety of components on respective pages.

Detailed dimension sheet of each SN product can be obtained from Normalien for your files, so that easy reference is available of the sizes which are available as standards from stock which makes it easy to procure the same. You can ask for this dimension sheet of SN parts from Normalien by filling in the request form, by visiting our website or