Products PP Normalien

This product group covers machined and ground plates without holes. These are also high quality plates with indicated tolerance.

Under this programme, plates of various sizes and thickness are covered and maximum size of plate we can supply is 796 x 996 m.m.

If one wants to bore these plates only as per your individual drawings, then you can take PP Plate, bore and tap as required and again together with required accessories from SN group you can complete the mould base. The system is flexible and gives the designer freedom to move as per his individual requirement while as part belongs to standardized production, one can still have the benefit of high quality and quick availability of components

This programme helps mould makers to make their own hole distance, tappings to meet individual design requirements. This PP programme in conjunction with our SN programme again helps one to build up a mould base and thereby complete the mould quickly.

PP Plates are available in square, rectangle, flat, round, ring shapes and almost every requirement of the mould industry can be fulfilled with this programme.

PP Plates are also useful in other engineering applications such as jigs & fixtures and construction of special purpose machines. All around this useful programme helps to save considerable time and labour.

For some applications such as temporary fixture, this programme offers only machined plates to be ordered with the prefix ‘M’.