Ordering Example :

Symbol for easy ordering: NSMB 1929 (BC) (SUP) (A) (RAIL)

Suppose choice is:

NSMB 1929 (22)(36)(22)(46)(56)

Normalien, will supply mould base size 196 x 296 with bottom plate (22), support plate (36) ‘A’ Plate (22), ‘B’ Plate (46) and Rail of 56 mm height.

You can thus order your required Normalien Mould Base with combination of plates of your choice and Normalien will arrange to dispatch in five working days from the date of order and acceptance of commercial terms/payment.

P 20 Plates

Many customers occasionally request for at least Core and Cavity plates in P 20 grade. For chemical composition and properties, please refer table.

As a further option to those customers requiring usually core & cavity plate in P 20 grade, we put option; to indicate such plate with symbol ‘x’ to the respective ‘A’ & ‘B’ plate or for that matter for any plate required in P 20 quality. The above indicated ordering example now expresses as :

NSMB 1929 (22) (36) (22 x) (46 x) (56)

To see Plan view of core/ cavity plate press here.

Standardized Mould Base Overview

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Accessories For Normalien Standard Mould Base (NSMB)

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