Why Normalien?

Normalien custom made mould base and the mould base components are nearly always cheaper to purchase. The profits are in the mould making. It is more profitable to purchase a standard mould base and the related components and complete the mould quickly to realize the sales.

Normalien guarantees high quality, precision, close tolerance and excellent finish. You can pay attention on making your core and cavities. Normalien will help you complete the mould base faster. It is not profitable to make parts and items which can be purchased cheaper. Even if it costs little more, it makes good business sense to buy from the specialist. Our large number of customers have therefore adopted Normalien mould bases and components as per their requirement and are able to finish the moulds faster. Now with the new programme of Standard Mould Base, the delivery of moulds is even shorter thereby helping still faster completion of moulds.
USP of Normalien

Normalien is constantly searching for new and better ways to make components and improve their application. Normalien applies engineering expertise on each item and for such attention to individual parts mould makers have no time to spare. Let the plates, parts be made by specialist geared for precision production on modern equipments.

Normalien can be reached via telephone, e-mail, fax, mobile and are always available to meet your requirement.

Normalien will supply just what you want, on time. You can also buy in small quantities as per your requirement, when you need it so that you do not have to carry unnecessary inventory.