Products KH-Normalien

This product group covers plates ready for assembly into mould base. All these plates are normally made from prime steel C 45 and P 20 grade or even higher grade of steel as per customer specifications. Steel plates, undergo structure examination for cracks or other defects after which they are fully machined on high speed modern machines, surface ground with rough and fine grinding. All edges are also machined and surface ground. All plates are then finished with operation on precision CNC machine –‘Deckel-Maho’ imported from Germany or similar. The plates are fully inspected before dispatch.

KH Plate programme covers square, rectangle, flat, round and ring size plates for mould base. To complete the mould base with KH Plate a wide choice of parts, components and accessories is available under product group SN. Under KH programme, plates suitable for mould bases from 095 x 095 to 796 x 996 are available.

We use for plates prime quality tested C 45 , which meets the normal requirements of a mould base. For special requirements, we can supply complete mould base or some selected plate from higher grades of steel. Full details and information is available under the table on page 9 showing quality of steel mainly used for mould base and parts under details separately provided.

KH plates are available for sizes of standard mould bases and for detail, please see the table given on page 11. This table indicates the minimum thickness of plates for particular size of mould base, bores, tapping so that even if you want to design mould base as per your drawings these data may be found useful.

With the indications of thickness, bores and tapping it will be possible to use standardize locating guide pillars, bushes and other components which falls under SN group and details are available on respective pages.

We have prepared such a table indicating plates thickness of different plate as option and if your design department will adopt sizes of mould bases and thickness of plate from within the table it will slowly facilitate availability of standard mould base, which will be available readily thereby further shortening the mould making time.