Customized Mould Base

System Normalien is developed with individual product group approach and has presently three product groups, namely :

1. KH PRODUCT GROUP : Machined, Ground, Bored Plates covering plates of mould bases from 095 x 095 to 796 x 996 m.m. All surfaces are fully machined and ground which can be used as datum points.  Read more

2. PP PRODUCT GROUP : PP Plain Machined and ground Plates for use in construction of Mould Base, Die Casting dies, Jig Fixtures and other engineering applications. One can obtain only machined plates by ordering with the symbol M.  Read more

SN PRODUCT GROUP : Parts and accessories for use in connection with construction of mould base and injection mouldings. In each part large variety of sizes are available and can be viewed individually. The modular arrangements of parts allow one to choose the entry level into our system depending on one’s own requirement. For making your mould base, one can select KH Plates and together with required accessories from SN group, assemble the mould base quickly.  Read more